Raquel Grisnich is the owner and founder of Whitetail Collections & Vintage Rentals. Raquel was born and raised in Chilliwack and currently lives on a dairy farm.  She and her husband have been married since 2012 and have two little boys.

Raquel started out with just a simple love of building and refurbishing things. To bring an old piece of furniture back to life with just a creative eye was her passion; she loved the genuine look and feel of vintage. After many years of gifting her creations and treasures to friends and family, a close friend suggested that she try selling some of her things online, this is what inspired everything. Raquel created a Facebook page and originally named it The Rusted Star. From then on ‘The Rusted Star’ became more and more popular, getting invited to markets she only once dreamed of being in. Raquel started to collect antiques and mixed them in with her handmade items creating a unique mix of new and old.

She officially started her business in 2014, adding yet one more side to the business, vintage rentals. The name then changed to Whitetail Collections & Vintage Rentals. Raquel started the rental side of the business in 2014 due to an intense and continual demand for rentals of her products. All of the rental items can be used for weddings, photographers, small events, and other important occasions where customers wanted a unique and vintage feel.

You can shop from her collection here on the online store or at all of the different markets she attends throughout the year. Raquel continues to hand make items as well as treasure hunt for antiques. Raquel loves to support local vendors and brings some of her favourites together in a unique collection for you to shop from.  Not everything is handmade and vintage; there is also a selection of brand new items to add to the mix. There is always something new and exciting for you to see.