• Forests First Birthday

  • Last Nights Dinner Party

    I recently got asked to decorate a small event. It was a 30th birthday party a lady was throwing for her husband! I was so excited because as much fun as big events are, small ones are even more fun. When there is less you need, there is more detail you can place in each and every spot. Which is why I love small events! Here is just a few snap shots of my mock set up for last nights dinner party and some small details. 

    To make these place settings she wanted it to look manly. He was a hunter, so of course, camouflage! The initial plan was to have camouflage paper for the tags, but apparently our only scrapbooking store in town moved and no one knows where to find them! Not having enough time to go out of town we came up with a different solution. Now I have this craft room, normally when you think of a craft room its in the smaller kind of left over room that no one knows what else to do with. Not my craft room. It is bigger then the average size master bedroom! And chaos, so much chaos. One of these days I will do a post about it just so you all can see what Im talking about. Anyways, my craft room has almost everything and anything you could think of! Besides camouflage paper of course. But, I had camouflage fabric, so thats what we did here! Using a natural colour paper we cut out the cards and got them hand written and wrapped them with a small strip of the fabric. We need something to hold the greenery in anyways! 

    I also got these linen napkins, to die for! Im now getting them made in multiple colours! (yes for rent!!) I picked out the fabric colour and brought them to get hand made by a seamstress. There is just something so beautiful imperfect and raw about handmade items. I love to use handmade as much as I possibly can, it gives off a simple more homey feel. Just draping them in a way that looks like I just tossed them on the plate (but I actually folded and placed them out very carefully, shh) and plunked the place setting card on top. Can we talk about this table cloth to. Its a 14 ft long linen table cloth, and yes, hand sewn by the same lady! Please use these and your next event so I have an excellent excuse to get more!!

    Clearly from my recent posts, I CANT GET ENOUGH OF EUCALYPTUS its a problem. To stay on budget I managed to make this table runner myself. Getting bunches of eucalyptus and placing layers and tying them together into a 9ft garland. It turned out pretty great if I do say so myself!  Newest flower shop employee maybe?? Once that was done we just placed a few antlers throughout to give it a little more manly flare. And thats it! Simple raw elegance. 

    XOXO, WC

  • Succulent

    We all know how popular succulents and cacti are right now. And I mean how can they not be!? They’re just so darn cute.

    Everybody loves a good print, so when I stumbled upon this one I just had to share it with you! The best part is, its free! Click HERE  to get your free succulent print! Add a great picture frame and you’ve got a little trendy style in your home with very low cost. To keep up with the ever changing decor trends I feel its essential to have these low cost tricks. There is also a link under it with matching tags!! I’m in love with how she styled these…& To top it all off its watercolour!

    If you think this is cute, follow our PINTEREST page for more adorable ideas!

    XOXO, WC

  • The Find

    So in the past few months I have decided to spruce up my house a little bit! Everything is a very neutral colour pallet with lots of natural elements in it. Ive always liked that because it goes with everything! But Ive become bored. So I decided I decided to add some colour! I picked an Indigo blue (daring right;)) but just to play off of. So I added a big rug with blue tones in it, some new picture frames, I even purchased some new dinner plates that were blue! For those fancy dinners, you know.

    I also really like gold mixed with blue, but you have to be careful that it does look to “royal”, hence why I picked a more indigo blue. So some new flower vases and details here and there, but not over board with the gold. I found this  Gold Flatware on Anthropologie that I became OBSESSED with. Its so beautiful and just makes the settings look just that much more amazing! But after gawking at it for hours trying to figure out how to get that same effect without spending $98 on a set of 6. Because come on, thats just a little outside my budget! I gave up, trying to let go of my gold flatware dreams!

    So yesterday I had some time to kill in town so I stopped into a local thrift store. Thrift shops are amazing when you know what you’re looking for! The thrill of the hunt is the best part! But when you go in on a whim and score something amazing it just brightens your whole week! Thats what happened to me yesterday. Yes, what I found was GOLD PLATED FLATWARE! 40 pieces for $50!! And in perfect condition non the less! I was so excited I just had to share this with you… you never know what your going to find when you’re thrift shopping!

    XOXO, WC

  • Church Pew Dreams

    Have you ever seen something in a picture and thought to yourself that you NEED to try it!? Im sure everyone gets that when you look on Pinterest, (then it never looks like the picture ;)). But somebody NEEDS TO DO THIS FOR ME! This is the whole reason why I wanted to get church pews in the first place!!

    First of all how amazing is this couple, so adorable. I don’t personally know them but I found their wedding on  Junebug Weddings Blog ! This wedding is SO DREAMY!!

    Here is the picture I’m talking about….6ae2a56c66629d47cddab69a5403f6d3

    Church pews for the first 2 rows of the ceremony seating! They can be a special place for your family &/or special people in your life. This adds such a beautiful touch for all of those people who have been there and supported you through out your journey.

    I can’t wait to see our  CHURCH PEWS incorporated into someones special day!

    XOXO, WC

  • Guest Book Table Ideas

    I know it can be super overwhelming planning the decor for your wedding. You are scrolling through the rental items feeling completely overwhelmed and don’t know where to start! Well I have put together JUST A FEW different examples of how to stage a guest book table. Using just our Emmit Table and our Ellwood Table here are 3 different decorating ideas for each one!

    First up is the Emmit Table…

    Next is the Ellwood Table….


    Now I don’t expect all of these to appeal to EVERYONE because we are all unique:) If you like what you see and want exactly one of these options, if you noticed I have labled each of them A-F. Feel free to send an email saying you would like to rent, for example, || Guestbook table- Emmit-B || and if all of the items are available, it will be yours! (I will let you know)

    If you like the idea of one of the set ups but would maybe rather switch out, say the Underwood Typewriter for the Aiden Antler, you can just specify that in your email and more than likely the cost will differ depending on the item! Feel free to add, take away, completely change any of these ideas as well. The options are ENDLESS!

    I hope this helps you get the ball rolling, have fun planning!!

    XOXO, WC

  • August 21,2015

    This was the wedding day of my adorable little sister-in-law. She has always been a free spirit and wanted an eclectic mix of boho meets shabby chic meets vintage. I think we nailed it. The decor at her wedding could have had a Pinterest page of its own!jonas & sarah wedding-537

    It was all about the details at this wedding. Lets start out with the mix of jars and vintage tins scattered throughout the centre of her long tables.

    Next lets talk about this small, yet very effective detail that she had on her long tables. You wouldn’t think that something this small would make such a difference, but it does! Im talking about the gold rimmed plates. Her wedding was so big that we didn’t have enough for everyone to have one so we switched out every second plate for a regular one from the caterers. And it added the perfect dash of sparkle.

    Antlers are so rustic yet can be so chic. We collected as many as we could and scattered them everywhere! Placing them strategically along the centre planks of her long tables. As well as using some of the bigger antlers in more prominent spots like the centre of the head table.

    Vintage books placed on guest book and coffee tables.

    Chalkboards, frames,windows, all in gold or wood. She used chalkboards for all of her signs. We had one on the bar, the food table, at her ceremony, and on the head table. We used an old window and wrote instructions for her guestbook in the window panes!

    Here is just some shots of our vintage rentals set in different seating areas.

    I have saved the best for last in my opinion, THIS ARBOR. It was all hand made by her dad with some old wood he found. Which makes it extra special. She was defiantly not scared of flowers. She wanted them EVERYWHERE. As you can see she flooded this arbor with them. If you’re lucky, I might be able to get my hands on it for you to have at your wedding.;)

    All in all you could say it was a beautiful wedding. Almost all of the pieces you’ve seen are available for rent through us. If you can’t find some items in our rental section, feel free to e-mail us to inquire and ask any questions! info@whitetailcollections.com

    XOXO, WC