• August 21,2015

    This was the wedding day of my adorable little sister-in-law. She has always been a free spirit and wanted an eclectic mix of boho meets shabby chic meets vintage. I think we nailed it. The decor at her wedding could have had a Pinterest page of its own!jonas & sarah wedding-537

    It was all about the details at this wedding. Lets start out with the mix of jars and vintage tins scattered throughout the centre of her long tables.

    Next lets talk about this small, yet very effective detail that she had on her long tables. You wouldn’t think that something this small would make such a difference, but it does! Im talking about the gold rimmed plates. Her wedding was so big that we didn’t have enough for everyone to have one so we switched out every second plate for a regular one from the caterers. And it added the perfect dash of sparkle.

    Antlers are so rustic yet can be so chic. We collected as many as we could and scattered them everywhere! Placing them strategically along the centre planks of her long tables. As well as using some of the bigger antlers in more prominent spots like the centre of the head table.

    Vintage books placed on guest book and coffee tables.

    Chalkboards, frames,windows, all in gold or wood. She used chalkboards for all of her signs. We had one on the bar, the food table, at her ceremony, and on the head table. We used an old window and wrote instructions for her guestbook in the window panes!

    Here is just some shots of our vintage rentals set in different seating areas.

    I have saved the best for last in my opinion, THIS ARBOR. It was all hand made by her dad with some old wood he found. Which makes it extra special. She was defiantly not scared of flowers. She wanted them EVERYWHERE. As you can see she flooded this arbor with them. If you’re lucky, I might be able to get my hands on it for you to have at your wedding.;)

    All in all you could say it was a beautiful wedding. Almost all of the pieces you’ve seen are available for rent through us. If you can’t find some items in our rental section, feel free to e-mail us to inquire and ask any questions! info@whitetailcollections.com

    XOXO, WC


  • July 19th, 2014

    Chris & Mariah Reception-425

    July 19th, 2014 was a magical day, it was the wedding day of a dear friend of mine. I had the pleasure of decorating her special day along with her family and friends.

    First of all the venues were amazing, the ceremony was at her aunts house who had a huge, perfectly groomed, incredible back yard. The ceremony was held at her families home and business, The Orchard at the Chilliwack Original Corn Maze.

    What she wanted for her wedding was vintage, rustic, and shabby chic, obviously my favourite! As you can imagine when she asked for my help that my mind was running wild with ideas!

    Lets start off with this amazing arbor. Made from old split rail posts this arbor has the perfect amount of rustic charm. Mix together the light fabric, beautiful flowers, and our vintage chandelier, who wouldn’t want this beauty at their wedding! This arbor was permanent for their location but inspired us to have one of our own available for you to rent.

    Chris&Mariah Wedding-523Chris&Mariah Wedding-520 Chris&Mariah Wedding-522

    Old doors are a great way to add a perimeter to an area without it looking closed off. All of our doors come available with stands so you can place the doors anywhere and they are self standing and very stable.

    What to do with a trunk? Well anything really! Use it as part of a display like we did here at her wedding or they also work amazing as small tables.

    How amazing are windows! You can add pictures, writing, or just leave them as is. Use them as a layering piece to add dimension or just scatter them everywhere because, why not!Chris&Mariah Wedding-339 Chris&Mariah Wedding-367 Chris & Mariah Reception-211

    This is one of the more original things we’ve ever done! The chalkboard here is the size of a sheet of plywood, and what did we do with it? Hung it from the rafters of course! With one of her favourite quotes written on it, we put the boys to work and made them lift and hang this huge piece from the roof. Once it was up, we handed them big branched flowers to decorate the top of it. Could it be any more beautiful!? This chalkboard IS available for you to rent as well! It will come with a stand so it can be placed anywhere you desire.

    Chris & Mariah Reception-360Chris & Mariah Reception-108

    We love fabrics, from the lightweight linen that was across the arbor to these vintage table cloths layered on barrels. We took long strips of fabric and tied them onto a rope to create another type of back drop, it looked so pretty blowing in the wind!

    Small vintage details just add a little something more to decor. You can see the small gas cans peeking out from behind the lace table cloths. Or the vintage lampshade hanging from the tree. We have these small wood round table numbers available for you and the mix of wood and lace is magical!

    Chris & Mariah Reception-151Chris & Mariah Reception-219Chris & Mariah Reception-381Chris & Mariah Reception-127Chris & Mariah Reception-102

    This was my absolute FAVOURITE piece of decor from the whole wedding!

    Hanging Ladders!!

    And yes, you can have them to! There are so many different ways to use ladders in a wedding but this way is extra special. If you have the ability to do this, THEN DO IT. People were in awe when they saw how beautiful this turned out. The only thing we had to add to it was some vines and bunches of flowers scattered throughout.

    Chris & Mariah Reception-103Chris & Mariah Reception-357Chris & Mariah Reception-420

    Have you noticed how beautiful the flowers were at her wedding! There were flowers scattered everywhere, even hiding in corners! Placing flowers in mixed vintage containers is such a beautiful touch. Here are just some amazing shots of the different arrangements she had at her wedding, and can you believe the last one was her bouquet!!

    Chris&Mariah Wedding-534 Chris & Mariah Reception-126   Chris & Mariah Reception-204       Chris & Mariah Reception-366 Chris&Mariah Wedding-440

    Photography by Sharalee Prang

    | www.sharaleeprangphotography.com |

    xoxo WC