Have you ever seen something in a picture and thought to yourself that you NEED to try it!? Im sure everyone gets that when you look on Pinterest, (then it never looks like the picture ;)). But somebody NEEDS TO DO THIS FOR ME! This is the whole reason why I wanted to get church pews in the first place!!

First of all how amazing is this couple, so adorable. I don’t personally know them but I found their wedding on  Junebug Weddings Blog ! This wedding is SO DREAMY!!

Here is the picture I’m talking about….6ae2a56c66629d47cddab69a5403f6d3

Church pews for the first 2 rows of the ceremony seating! They can be a special place for your family &/or special people in your life. This adds such a beautiful touch for all of those people who have been there and supported you through out your journey.

I can’t wait to see our  CHURCH PEWS incorporated into someones special day!


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