I know it can be super overwhelming planning the decor for your wedding. You are scrolling through the rental items feeling completely overwhelmed and don’t know where to start! Well I have put together JUST A FEW different examples of how to stage a guest book table. Using just our Emmit Table and our Ellwood Table here are 3 different decorating ideas for each one!

First up is the Emmit Table…

Next is the Ellwood Table….


Now I don’t expect all of these to appeal to EVERYONE because we are all unique:) If you like what you see and want exactly one of these options, if you noticed I have labled each of them A-F. Feel free to send an email saying you would like to rent, for example, || Guestbook table- Emmit-B || and if all of the items are available, it will be yours! (I will let you know)

If you like the idea of one of the set ups but would maybe rather switch out, say the Underwood Typewriter for the Aiden Antler, you can just specify that in your email and more than likely the cost will differ depending on the item! Feel free to add, take away, completely change any of these ideas as well. The options are ENDLESS!

I hope this helps you get the ball rolling, have fun planning!!


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